Marketer & Business Strategist
MBA Teacher & Innovation Mentor
Innovation Catalyst
Change and innovation are key factors for any organization to maintain its competitive edge. How well are you managing the innovation value chain? How market-oriented and sustainable is your innovation? Are you fully aware of new consumer behavior and trends?
I believe that because every challenge is unique, there should never be a generic solution. Consequently, creative thinking is the capabilities to address complex challenges in a smart and perfectly suited solution to the situation.
Do you apply design thinking? Do your marketing initiatives engage with your audience? Does your brand have the ‘WOW’ factor? Do your marketing activities lead to high conversion? Is your platform up-to-date with the latest digital devices?
Strategy is not always planned as most people think. It can emerge after a specific hurdle, or it can be stimulated through deliberate actions. How well are you responding to value creation challenges? Are you benefiting from the emergence of new business models? Is your competitive advantage sustainable enough to stay ahead of the competition? How well are you prepared to the industry changes?

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